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octubre 31, 2019


Que tiras meu sono

Sufocas o fôlego

Borras o sorriso


Quando a cegueira

Não é mais um ensaio


A face horrorosa

Da de-evolução

Faminta de foice



Capitão do mato

Mata capital

Pecado basal



A classe do ódio

A pele da cor

Ignorância amor




agosto 14, 2019

Las pequeñas vidas

Las que se sustentan

Las vidas vacías

Las que se contentan

Las que no amanecen

En ríos de espumante

Y las que lo hacen

Ahora como antes

Las que se arremangan

Al romper el día

Las que llenan trenes

La suya y la mía

Las vidas inanes

Las vidas pequeñas

Las que no dirigen

Las que no son dueñas

Las que tienen todo

Y las más carentes

Que van para el lodo

Juntas al poniente

Esas vidas pobres

A tus ojos ciegos

Las pequeñas voces

Y los grandes egos

Las que llenan arcas

Las que las ultrajan

Las que eligen ídolos

Y las que los bajan

Las que hacen la mesa

Pecheando las olas

Las que agregan vidas

Las que mueren solas

Esas que no cuentan

En los testamentos

Las que no te llevas

A tus aposentos

Las que ignoran tanto

Que tú las ignoras

Las que valen oro

Las que valen horas

Las que no te faltan

Y las que te sobran

Las que te administran

Y las que te cobran

Que ponen los platos

En tu harta mesa

Las que empequeñeces

Para tu grandeza

Esas que te votan

Esas que lastimas

Las que manipulas

Las que desestimas

Las vidas de otros

Vidas invisibles

Las que quedan fuera


Las que anhelan pan

Las vidas de tierra

Las que en tus designios

Van para la guerra

Las que hacen tu vino

Y tienden tu cama

Arrastran tus cofres

Por sobre la lama

Vidas que hacen puentes

Y los abarrotan

Las que no aparecen

Las que no se notan

Que creen la promesa

De que un cielo existe

Bajo la amenaza

De un infierno triste

Las que desconoces

Y las que moldeaste

Que empujan la noria

Hasta que se gaste

Las pequeñas vidas

Y aquellas de alarde

Todos nos iremos

Más pronto que tarde

Al llamar la noche

Al final del día

Pequeñas y grandes

La tuya y la mía

De las finas castas

Y las desclasadas

Las vidas se van

Todas a la nada.



febrero 10, 2018

So petty I know

You had me go get drunk

Not proud of what I did

But still I want you

It’s not the wine that speaks

That I can grant you

You’re playing hide and seek

I understand that

You’re playing hide and seek

And we deserve that

You’re taking your time out

And then I want you more


Quit the drama

Quite the picture

Everything I’d reject

In a good start


Then it’s just life

Want the real thing

Couldn’t see that coming

You got my word


I said I’m blemished and I meant it

You said I’m not but I don’t care

As long as you’re not there


I shed my skin just watch the outcome

Some say that love just shouldn’t hurt

But then they are not here


I’m writing for no-one

At least I know that

Two paths that crossed by chance

Or was that meant too?

You go get mystical

I’m turning human

Take time as well you please

And come full circle


Quit the drama

Get the picture

Speak of sins from our birth

I’ll have a snore


Then it’s just life

Come and get it

Couldn’t want you no more

Feel distant cries


I said I’m blemished and I meant it

You said I’m not but I don’t care

As long as you’re not there


I shed my skin just watch the outcome

Some say that love just shouldn’t hurt

But then they are not here





octubre 28, 2016

The bus finally approached, shaking slightly along the uneven poorly-lit street. Feeling tired and relieved, as usual, he waited for the doors to open and mounted the front steps. He nodded the driver a lukewarm good evening and made for the turnstile in the middle of the empty aisle.

He pressed his wallet against the reader as he held on to the railing; this bus always took that sharp turn-and-slope at the corner. Lifting his backpack, he pushed his weight on to the back aisle as he quickly panned around the rear for an unoccupied double seat. It didn’t matter much, though.

As he came closer to the back seat, he spotted the faces of two guys sitting in the center; one an unknown generic profile looking out the window and the other a young man with his forehead half-covered by the hood of his black jumper. All was black on and around him: the pants, a jacket, tattoos on his hands and his undistinguishable gaze. This guy, however, he knew.

He looked down at his boots to avoid looking at his face, for he noticed in the half-light what he reckoned was the shape of a sleeping woman leaning on his side. He shouldn’t look. He came within a yard and simply nodded slightly; before he’d had the time to turn, the guy blinked back meaningfully, still motionless, in recognition.

He knew –he figured. He turned and sat on the window seat one row ahead, placing his backpack on his lap as he turned up the music on his phone headset. It might be a long short ride. Nothing happened.

Faces look ugly when they eye you as a stranger. The traces of a grip known, or perhaps faintly remembered still, yet obliterated in pretense and the numbness of a public non-encounter.

Maybe it was just a big bag after all. Not his, for he didn’t come say hi at all anyway but he did get off the bus a few stops down the second avenue, his hands in his pockets and his head hanging low under his hood, as he’d once come.


Hide from the Sun

agosto 29, 2016

Hide from the sun

We’ve learned to

Hide hide from it

Lest a ray

Hit brighten illuminate


In the cracks of town

Along the crevices

We crawl

Fully armoured

Shielded blocked

No patch of nakedness


Who dare expose

Animal hide whatsoever

To the sun

The elements

Those natural strangers

Enemies destroyers


The latest era of humanity

Much the least human

May as well be the last




abril 30, 2016


Tanta felicidad

Que no te reconozcas.


Tanta dicha

Que no quepa en tus días

Y amanezcas

Velando su sueño.


Te deseo mi amor.


Tanto amor

Que saliendo te vuelvas

Y le digas “Te amo”

A los ojos

Esta vez.




abril 24, 2016


Allí todo nuestro tiempo,

todo nuestro amor.


Te di

mi vida,

para que guardes;

para tenerte

y vivirla.


Allí está.



en mi boca,

en tu rostro;

en las manos.


Cambié mi cuerpo

por el tuyo;

te avecinaste

a mi piel.


Nos habitamos,

nos cobijamos;

nos permitimos.


Te di mi vida;


Me diste sal.